Introduction is for you who are hungry to know God better in his revelation to us through the Bible. The Bible declares itself to be the revelation of God written down as the authors were carried along by God's Holy Spirit. The Bible is the most amazing book ever written. The Bible took 40 authors over a period of 1500 years to bring together this diverse collection of works that all tell one interwoven story of God's revelation of Himself to man. That collection of books is what we today know as the Bible. My goal in preaching and teaching the Bible has been to stay honest with what I read there and not put any one denominational perspective on it. You may find some different ideas in the sermons here. Some I have learned from other authors but found to be consistant with the Bible.

The contains the expository sermon texts from 20 years of preaching and teaching God's Word. You are welcome to use either in a non-profit setting. They are updated with recent sermons and classes on an ongoing basis. You will also find free audio mp3s of sermons that you can listen to online or download to your computer or portable music player. In the Bible sermon section you will find a white "new" tag by the most recent sermons. My prayer is that you are encouraged and fed spiritually from these notes. If they encourage your spiritual growth in Christ Jesus, pass this site on to others, or copy a sermon for a friend that may benefit from it. Pastors, I hope some sermons can add to your own inspiration and sermon research. Of course, good sermon preparation and preaching comes from your own walk with the Lord and study of the Bible.

The content has been published as several books from Pastor Paul's studies and devotionals. For questions, more information, or ordering John's Rabbi, Jesus Concealed in the Old Testament, Divine Messiah?, or Through the Bible Daily Devotions, contact us.

Jesus Concealed in the Old Testament is a study of the many revelations and pictures of Jesus found in the Old Testament. Through the Bible Daily Devotions is a collection of key passages from Genesis to Revelation in morning and evening devotional form. It covers almost every book of the Bible and is 500 pages in length.

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