Bible Studies / Bible Classes

If you are interested in having a one to three day study in one of the following topics, Pastor Paul is available to teach. The most popular have been Jesus in the Pentateuch and Hebrews. Contact him for date availability.


These files are PDF and in MS Word formatWord. If you need a file in a different format contact us.

The Bible According to Jesus:

The Bible According to Jesus 1 Word
The Bible According to Jesus 2 Word
The Bible According to Jesus 3 Word
The Bible According to Jesus 4 Word
The Bible According to Jesus 5 Word
The Bible According to Jesus 6 Word
The Bible According to Jesus 7 Word

The Life of Jesus:

The Life of Jesus 1 Word
The Life of Jesus 2 Word
The Life of Jesus 3 Word
The Life of Jesus 4 Word

Names of God:

Elohim Word
Jehovah Word
Adonai Word
El Shaddai Word
Jehovah Jireh Word
Jehovah M'Kaddesh Word
Jehovah Nissi Word
Jehovah Ropha Word
Jehovah Shalom Word
Jehovah Tsidkenu Word
Jehovah Rohi Word
Jehovah Shammah Word

Solid Rock: (Foundation for new believers)

Solid Rock 1 Word
Solid Rock 2 Word
Solid Rock 3 Word
Solid Rock 4 Word
Solid Rock 5 Word
Solid Rock 6 Word
Solid Rock 7 Word
Solid Rock 8 Word
Solid Rock 9 Word
Solid Rock 10 Word
Solid Rock 11 Word
Solid Rock 12 Word
An Overview of Scripture Word

The Passion of the Christ:

Who was Jesus of Nazareth Word
Why Did Jesus Have to Suffer and Pilate and the Sanhedrin Word
What Did Jesus Teach Word


John 1a Word
John 1b Word
John 2 Word
John 3 Word
John 3b Word
John 4 Word
John 4b Word
John 5 Word
John 5b Word
John 6 Word
John 6b Word
John 7 Word
John 7b Word
John 8 Word
John 8b Word
John 8c-9a Word
John 9b Word
John 10a Word
John 10b Word
John 11a Word
John 11b Word
John 12a Word
John 12b Word
John 13a Word
John 13b Word
John 14a Word
John 14b Word
John 15a Word
John 15b Word
John 16 Word
John 17a Word
John 17b-18a Word
John 19a Word
John 19b Word
John 20a Word
John 20b Word
John 21 Word
The I Ams in John Word
John 1:1-3 Word
John 1:4-13 Word
John 1:14-28 Word
John 1:29-51 Word
John 2:1-12 Word
John 2:13-25 Word
John 3:1-15 Word
John 3:16-21 Word
John 3:22-36 Word
John 4:1-26 Word
John 4:27-45 Word
John 4:46-54 Word
John 5:1-18 Word
John 5:19-29 Word
John 5:30-47 Word
John 6:1-15 Word
John 6:16-21 Word
John 6:22-40 Word
John 6:41-59 Word
John 6:60-71 Word
John 7:1-24 Word
John 7:25-39 Word
John 7:40-52 Word
John 7:53-8:11 Word
John 8:12-30 Word
John 8:31-48 Word
John 8:48-59 Word
John 9:1-12 Word
John 9:13-41 Word
John 10:1-21 Word
John 10:22-42 Word
John 11:1-16 Word
John 11:17-37 Word
John 11:38-53 Word
John 12:1-11 Word
John 12:12-26 Word
John 12:27-43 Word
John 12:44-13:17 Word
John 13:18-32 Word
John 13:33-14:11 Word
John 14:12-31 Word
John 15:1-8 Word
John 15:9-17 Word
John 15:18-27 Word
John 16:1-15 Word
John 16:16-33 Word
John 17:1-5 Word
John 17:6-16 Word
John 17:24-18:9 Word
John 18:10-27 Word
John 18:28-19:3 Word
John 19:4-22 Word
John 19:23-30 Word
John 19:31-42 Word
John 20:1-17 Word
John 20:18-23 Word
John 20:24-31 Word
John 21:1-12 Word
John 21:13-19 Word
John 21:20-25 Word


Acts 1 Word
Acts 2 Word
Acts 2b Word
Acts 2c Word
Acts 3 Word
Acts 3b Word
Acts 4 Word
Acts 4b Word
Acts 5 Word
Acts 6a Word
Acts 6b Word
Acts 7 Word
Acts 8a Word
Acts 8b Word
Acts 9a Word
Acts 9b Word
Acts 10 Word
Acts 10b Word
Acts 11a Word
Acts 11b Word
Acts 12a Word
Acts 12b-13a Word
Acts 13 Word
Acts 13b Word
Acts 14 Word
Acts 14b Word
Acts 15a Word
Acts 15b Word
Acts 16 Word
Acts 16b Word
Acts 17 Word
Acts 17b Word
Acts 18 Word
Acts 18b Word
Acts 19b Word
Acts 19c Word
Acts 20a Word
Acts 20_13-38 Word
Acts 21a Word
Acts 21b Word
Acts 22a Word
Acts 23-24 Word
Acts 24b Word
Acts 25a Word
Acts 25b-26a Word
Acts 26b Word
Acts 27a Word
Acts 27b Word
Acts 28 Word


Ephesians 1a Word
Ephesians 1b Word
Ephesians 1c Word
Ephesians 2a Word
Ephesians 2b Word
Ephesians 3a Word
Ephesians 3b Word
Ephesians 4a Word
Ephesians 4b Word
Ephesians 5a Word
Ephesians 5b Word
Ephesians 6 Word


Philippians Introduction Word
Philippians 1 Word
Philippians 1b Word
Philippians 2a Word
Philippians 2b Word
Philippians 2c Word
Philippians 3a Word
Philippians 3b Word
Philippians 4a Word
Philippians 4b Word


Colossians 1:1-12 Word
Colossians 1:13-23 Word
Colossians 1:24-29 Word
Colossians 2:1-10 Word
Colossians 2:11 Word
Colossians 3:1-4 Word
Colossians 3:5-11 Word
Colossians 3:12-17 Word
Colossians 3:18-4:1 Word
Colossians 4:2-6 Word
Colossians 4:7-18 Word


Hebrews Word
Hebrews 1 Word
Hebrews 2 Word
Hebrews 2b Word
Hebrews 3 Word
Hebrews 3 and 4 Word
Hebrews 4 Word
Hebrews 5 Word
Hebrews 6 Word
Hebrews 7 Word
Hebrews 8 Word
Hebrews 9 Word
Hebrews 10 Word
Hebrews 11 Word
Hebrews 11bWord
Hebrews 12 Word
Hebrews 12b Word
Hebrews 13 Word


James 1 Word
James 2 Word
James 3 Word
James 4 Word
James 4b Word
James 5 Word


Romans 1 Word
Romans 1b Word
Romans 2 Word
Romans 2b Word
Romans 3 Word
Romans 3b Word
Romans 4 Word
Romans 4b Word
Romans 5 Word
Romans 5b Word
Romans 6 Word
Romans 6b Word
Romans 7 Word
Romans 7b Word
Romans 8 Word
Romans 8b Word
Romans 8c Word
Romans 9 Word
Romans 9b Word
Romans 10 Word
Romans 11 Word
Romans 11b Word
Romans 12 Word
Romans 12b Word
Romans 13 Word
Romans 14 Word
Romans 15 Word
Romans 15b Word
Romans 16 Word

1&2 Timothy:

1 Timothy 1 Word
1 Timothy 1b Word
1 Timothy 2 Word
1 Timothy 2b Word
1 Timothy 3 Word
1 Timothy 3b Word
1 Timothy 4 Word
1 Timothy 5 Word
1 Timothy 5-6 Word
1 Timothy 6 Word
1 Timothy 6b Word
2 Timothy 1a Word
2 Timothy 1b Word
2 Timothy 2 Word
2 Timothy 2b Word
2 Timothy 3a Word
2 Timothy 3b Word
2 Timothy 4 Word
2 Timothy 4a Word
2 Timothy 4b Word

1&2 Thessalonians:

1 Thessalonians 1 Word
1 Thessalonians 2 Word
1 Thessalonians 3 Word
1 Thessalonians 4 Word
1 Thessalonians 5a Word
1 Thessalonians 5b Word
2 Thessalonions 1-2a Word
2 Thessalonians 2b-3 Word


Ch 1Word Ch 11Word Ch 21Word Ch 31Word Ch 41Word
Ch 2Word Ch 12Word Ch 22Word Ch 32Word Ch 42Word
Ch 3Word Ch 13Word Ch 23Word Ch 33Word Ch 43Word
Ch 4Word Ch 14Word Ch 24Word Ch 34Word Ch 44Word
Ch 5Word Ch 15Word Ch 25Word Ch 35Word Ch 45Word
Ch 6Word Ch 16Word Ch 26Word Ch 36 Ch 46Word
Ch 7Word Ch 17Word Ch 27Word Ch 37Word Ch 47Word
Ch 8Word Ch 18Word Ch 28Word Ch 38Word Ch 48Word
Ch 9Word Ch 19Word Ch 29Word Ch 39Word Ch 49Word
Ch 10-11Word Ch 20Word Ch 30Word Ch 40Word Ch 50Word


Chapter 1 Draw the Line Word
Chapter 2 Future of the World Word
Chapter 3 Vision Goes to His Head Word
Chapter 4 Tree Dream, Neb Wakes Up Word
Chapter 5 Writing on the Wall Word
Chapter 6 Daniel in the Lions' Den Word
Chapter 7 Four Beast Vision Word
Chapter 8 Ram and Goat Vision Word
Chapter 9 Daniel's Prayer / Seventy Weeks Word
Chapter 10 Superman Word
Chapter 11 Kings of North, South / Anti-Christ Word
Chapter 12 The End Word


Micah 1 Word
Micah 2 Word
Micah 3 Word
Micah 4 Word
Micah 5 Word
Micah 6 Word
Micah 7 Word


Zechariah 1 Word - New!
Zechariah 2 Word - New!
Zechariah 3 Word - New!
Zechariah 4 Word - New!
Zechariah 5 Word - New!
Zechariah 6 Word - New!
Zechariah 7 Word - New!
Zechariah 8 Word - New!
Zechariah 9 Word - New!
Zechariah 10 Word - New!
Zechariah 11 Word - New!
Zechariah 12 Word - New!
Zechariah 13 Word - New!
Zechariah 14b Word - New!

Church Government: (Eldership and the First Century Church)

Church Government 1 Word
Church Government 2 Word
Church Government 3 Word
Church Government 4 Word
Church Government 5 Word
Church Government 6 Word

Jesus in the Pentateuch:

Jesus in Genesis Word
Jesus in Genesis2 Word
Jesus in Genesis3 Word
Jesus in Genesis4 Word
Jesus in Exodus Word
Jesus in Exodus2 Word
Jesus in Exodus3 Word
Jesus in Leviticus Word
Jesus in Numbers Word
Jesus in Deuteronomy Word
Jesus in the Old Testament Word

The Suffering Servant Songs:

Suffering Servant Songs Part 1
Suffering Servant Songs Part 2
Suffering Servant Songs Part 3
Suffering Servant Songs Part 4

Understanding the Old Testament:

Understanding the Old Testament Word
Understanding the OT 2 Word
Understanding the OT 3 Word
Understanding the OT 4 Word
Understanding the OT 5 Word
Understanding the OT 5a Word
Understanding the OT 6 Word
Understanding the OT 7 Word
Understanding the OT 8 Word
Understanding the OT 9 Word
Understanding the OT 10 Word
Understanding the OT 11Word


Prayer1 Word
Prayer2 Word
Psalm 110 Word
Baptism class Word
The Ransom Word
Privelge and Responsibility Word
Focus on the Absolutes Word
Respecting Other Believers Word
Claiming Territory for God Word
Psalms 1 Word
Psalm 2 Word
Psalm 3 Word
The Ways of God 1 Word
The Ways of God 2 Word
The Ways of God 3 Word
The Ways of God 4 Word
AUTHORITY Word(copy of a great web site on abuse of authority)
What Would Amos Say Word - New!