Looking for the Truth?

If you are visiting this site you must have some interest in truth. Either you have found a personal relationship with Jesus or you are looking for answers. If you are seeking and willing to be honest with what you find, and you are willing to hear the answer, you will find it. If there is a Creator who has given us all we have and all we are, we owe all to Him. Our only reasonable response to that generosity is our wholehearted devotion to Him.

One of the psalmists asked what he could render to God for all the goodness he had received. His answer, "I will take the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord." God has prepared a way for you to justly be made right with Him by paying the full penalty for your sins. Because of what He did in your place, He offers to you the cup of salvation. You can take it and be made right. You can call on Him to forgive you and give you new life in Him.

But you must be willing to take a step of belief. If you ask God with an honest heart to show you the truth, He will. But you must be willing to act on it, to seek His forgiveness, and a life obedient to his good plans for you. Seek and you will find. Don't give up on God. He hasn't given up on you. May I suggest you begin with the Solid Rock classes. If you have questions, contact me and I will attempt to answer or refer you to someone that can.